The Company in the 1950's

The history of INFA goes back quite a long way. The company was already exhibiting at the Milan Fair in the fifties. The company INFA Srl was officially founded in July 1981.

For over thirty years we have been offering screws and fastenings of the highest quality, German, British and Italian.

Thanks to technological progress and to the diversification of industrial needs the screw sector has changed a lot, however, this has not changed our vision based on quality; for this reason we always quality check the products we receive from suppliers including those who are certified and widely recognized as reliable.

Our highly experienced and qualified workforce is committed to offering the best service we can. For example, we keep in stock a range of sizes much larger than the catalogue of a single manufacturer.

To expand our offering, for many years we have been working closely with other companies around in the world. It is thanks to these relationships that we are able to supply virtually any type, model, size and variant of Fastener. You will find what you need among the more than forty thousand products available, which ensuries the fastest possible response to requests and orders.

We can meet orders of any size, from small to large and substantial quantities, in a very short time.

We offer our goods at fair and affordable prices, and propose viable cheaper alternatives whenever possible.

Infa directors
Customer Service:
Infa warehouse

Managing Director: Roberto Fioroni
Administration: Patrizia Palmieri
Sales: Alessandro Mariani

Customer Service: Valentina Milan, Laura Bonsignori, Fabio Boi

Warehouse: Roberto Cusin, Claudio Pedretti


screw suppliers

Over the years we have always used the best suppliers.

We work with:

  • Holo-Krome
  • Hema
  • Allen
  • BSH
  • Bossard

And many other national and international brands.

Our staff is on hand to give you any further information you may require.


Below are a number of useful links to the regulations concerning the manufacture and supply of screws and fastenings.

International Organization for Standardization
Italian Normative Institute
German Normative Institute (DIN)
Spanish Normative Institute
British Standards Institution
French Normative Institute
American Normative Institute
Industrial Fasteners Institute
European Standards Institute
Belgian Normative Institute
American Normative Institute
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